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  • Brewthulhu V

    It is good to be a cynic – it is better to be a contented cat – and it is best not to exist at all. – H.P. Lovecraft Well, faithful followers of the chronicles of Brewthulhu, I hope this to be the last of the woeful tale. From here on out I hope to […]

  • Brewthulhu IV

    I live my life a quarter barrel at a time. Nothing else matters: not the mortgage, not the store, not my team and all their bullshit. For those 30 liters or just a bit less, I’m free. So where are at today?The electricians have been out to assess the situation, and they inform me that […]

  • Brewthulhu III

    Brewthulhu fled across the ocean, and the pandemic followed The Brewing system was done, I had paid the balance due and that remained was having it delivered. “Emily” said they offered Door to Door delivery, which was good because I didn’t own a truck, nor did I want to hassle with customs, bills of lading, […]

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Rob is a veteran home brewer and Prud’homme certified beer enthusiast with a passion to educate those who may be hesitant to try new beer styles. He also enjoys general geekery and has approximate knowledge of many things.

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